NaPoWriMo Day #17: Of Myself

Of Myself

debbie coloring

Myself, about three or four years old, coloring.


A Strawberry Alarm Clock rang

Incense and Peppermints

A Daydream Believed

Then I was born

Three days after Thanksgiving

In 1967

By the time Hello, Goodbye

Was number one

I was in a bassinet

In a bedroom in Crystal

Sleeping in a patch of sun

In the April of 1968

While Otis Redding was Sittin’

On a dock of the bay

 Martin Luther King Jr to rest was laid

In June Bobby Kennedy was killed

At the end of a campaign day

~Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson,

Simon and Garfunkel said~

I was in a laundry basket

While the poor politician was dead

Being fitted for a casket.

1972 began

With a Brand New Key

Baby sister was five months old,

Someday she’d play with me

Drawing pictures in crayon

Behind a closed door

I sang “I am Woman”

Out loud~

A girl of only four.

 In ’73 I heard

A brand new word

On the news,

I listened to

Cronkite drone and buzz,



a “Watergate” was.

I asked my mom,

and what was that other weird one?


Mothers tied ribbons

Around oak trees

I started school in a dress cut

Above my knees.

 I went off to learn

To add numbers,

Make words,

And read

About Lincoln, Washington

How the slaves were freed,

The “ink was black and the page was white”

Mom and Dad looked upon the sight,

Of their little girl growing up

With grins of delight.


About debbiewritesstuff

I am a wife and mom in Minnesota with more than enough things to think about! For the past two years I have served with AmeriCorps, last year I helped children from grades K-3 with their reading through Minnesota Reading Corps. This past school year I taught social and emotional skills to preschool children through the LEAP Initiative in Southern Minnesota. I've been working on my own writing endeavors for a little while now: a novel that I have put on the backburner and poetry. I have a Master's degree Counseling and Psychological Services. I love history, family stories, taking pictures, singing in the church choir, reading, tracing the family tree, and oh, yes writing. I also love 'likes' and comments on my blog and I am tickled when someone chooses to 'follow me.'
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4 Responses to NaPoWriMo Day #17: Of Myself

  1. Harvey says:

    It’s good to See I’m not Alone with alot of my thoughts…great Poetry…


  2. debrazone says:

    This one is very cool… music has been a huge part of my life – being a marker of events, ages, and links my memories to a time. Thanks, it’s inspiring!


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